A world without cancer!

VarCT Diagnostics envisions a future where cancer will be a disease of the past, where being diagnosed with cancer will not be the dramatic and life changing event it is today.


Our way of contributing to this is to develop innovative and effective ways to utilize Circulating Tumor Cells (CTC) for cancer diagnosis, because we know that early and actionable diagnosis significantly increases the outcome of cancer treatment.

The company

VarCT Diagnostics is a privately held development company founded in June 2017 as a subsidiary to VAR2 Pharmaceuticals.  The company has an exclusive, worldwide license to develop and commercialize the rVAR2 protein technology for diagnostic purposes.


The focus of VarCT Diagnostics is to initially develop our proprietary technology for CTC enrichment and relevant down-stream analysis for well-defined clinical utilizations. We aim to do this by working with private, dedicated investors and non-diluting funding and in close collaboration with strategic partners to ensure maximal leverage of the technology for the benefit of people with cancer, or at risk for developing cancer, and the society.

VAR2 Pharmaceuticals ApS

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